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Types of Valuation
Insurance Valuation
This is the most important reason to get your Jewellery Valued; the valuation is biased on the retail price of jewellery article in the current market condition in the event of loss. The retail replacement value represents average retail prices in the usual, local market at the current market conditions.
Probate Valuation
A probate valuation is undertaken on the dearth of owner of jewellery and other valuables, in order to be submitted to legal representatives and help in winding up the estate; possible liability for death duties may ensue. The values stated in the probate valuations represent are based upon an open market assessment of their worth at the time of death. The schedule will, typically, contain less descriptive detail and the valuations are much lower than the insurance valuations.
Private Sale
The valuations for private sale are biased on the instance where one wishes to sell an article privately to an individual, and wants to know what a realistic price to put for it is article, Giving willing buyer/willing seller a reasonable figure to both parties in the equation.
Divorce / Family Division
In an unfortunately event of break in relationship and often resulting in the intervention of the legal system. Our valuer shall be able to undertake a valuation report and assessing the worth of the couple's assets for consideration by the Court.
Other Valuations
Your jeweller may also be able to help you with valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes or for Disposal if you wish to sell the goods; indeed, if you require advice for a special reason, please feel free to discuss the requirements with AGL Valuer.

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