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Valuation Process

To accurately value your item, all aspects of the jewellery item must be individually appraised and compared against market demand and trends.

Most of the times jewelery valuation follows the following process:
   Purpose of the appraisal
  The client identifies the purpose / need for the appraisal i.e. Insurance purposes, fair market value, Retail Replacement etc ......
   Cleaning The Jewellery
  The Valuers will check and clean either with water, ultrasonic and make the jewellery free from any dirt if required.
   Testing the Metals
  The metal of the jewellery article is tested using acid or electronic methods. This test determines whether the jewellery article is made up of silver gold, platinum etc.. and the cartage of the jewellery e.g. 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct is determined and noted.
   Identifying Gemstones
  The gemstone are identified using different scientific methods ranging from using 10x loop (eyeglass) microscope analysis, ultra violet light testing or refractive index analysis etc.
   Quality Analysis
  The grading and quality analysis of gemstone is achieved through analysis of colour, cut and clarity if any of the gemstones are pre analysed and carry a certificate the valuer makes sure that the certificate is of the same gemstone etc...
   Size Analysis
  All the gemstone is measured with Presidium gem computer gauge and using the appropriate formulas an approximate weight calculated for recoding / checking with the certificate.
   Manufacture Identification
  All the jewellery articles are identified and the manufacturing methods is determined item are recorded on the valuation report e.g. cast handmade or combination and taken into consideration for making the valuation report.
   Identify the setting type & quantity
  Every detail of the jewellery articles are calculated using scientific methods and calculations and after determining the current market values, the values are added together to form the total valuation price for the purpose stated.
   Valuation Report
  A valuation is then reported with high definition photography on an appraisal certificate the process involves detailed photographing and preparing a written description of each item in your collection. Following the visit you will receive a complete "Valuation for Insurance" document, containing the ‘Jewellery Valuers Seal’, the description, the photograph and the value of each item. All this information is then transferred to the secure AGL database for future reference.