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Valuation FAQ
What is the need for jewellery be documented and professionally valued?
All Jewellery articles should be independently valued to safeguard jewellery against any loss, stolen or damaged the best solution is to get it professional valued, from a registered Jewellery Valuer as It provides proof of ownership in the happy event that the jewellery is recovered. Insurance companies are unlikely to provide full compensation for an expensive piece of jewellery unless you can prove its true value and the description of the items. If need to sell your jewellery , Valuation is an effective means of ensuring you receive a fair market price, provided the valuation is undertaken for that reason.
What is the need use Registered Jewellery Valuer?
Determining accurate valuation a jewellery article requires scientific procedure with extensive experience and knowledge. Jewellery Valuers Registered with National Council of Jewellery Valuers undergo extensive training in gemmology, diamond grading/technology and valuing and are also commit to lifetime education to retain our valuation registration.
Who should value my jewellery?
Any person with years of experience allied to formal training in gemmology and other specialist areas of product knowledge. Jewellery Valuations should be done by a Registered Jewellery Valuers – NCJV.
What process does Jewellery Valuation involve?
Valuing jewellery articles undergoes carefully scientific analysing, measuring, examining and valuing using current market research.
How often should Jewellery Valuations be updated?
It is important to have your jewellery revalued every two or three years to ensure the valuation is up to date and the gold / platinum/ gemstone /price fluctuations/ AUD verses USD have been taken into account. In the unhappy event of any claim, most of the insurance companies may request up-to-date Jewellery valuation report. Re-Evaluation processes we also note any wear and tear and ensure you are not paying excessive premiums if prices decrease.
Can we Value Jewellery prior to purchase?
Yes, by arrangement with your jeweller, it is possible to book us.
What is the importance of diamond certificate?
Diamond / Gemstone certificates provide information about the quality of a stone; however diamond certificate only applies to the diamond or the gemstone and not the article of jewellery and needs to be interpreted by an expert to quantify its value. A trained valuer can help explain the certificate and interpret it for you.
What is the need of having my jewellery photographed?
Detailed Photographs of jewellery is a further safeguard in the event of loss or damage and particularly useful for police trying to match recovered property.
Do Insurance Companies require Independent Valuations?
Most insurance companies require independent Jewellery valuations of any item to be insured against loss or theft as Jewellery valuation will provide detailed description of the jewellery and the elements it is made up of, along with an itemisation of replacement cost.
Some Insurance Company automatically covers items below $1,000 without an jewellery Valuation / appraisal reports?
Most Insurance companies do cover unspecified items up to a certain figure (usually between $500 and $1,000). However, in the event of a claim when it comes in establishing the correct replacement value in the current market situation and it is only possible through a Jewellery Valuation report.
Can Jewellery valuation reports serve as an evince of ownership?
Jewellery Valuations Reports can be used as evidence as they carry detailed description and in most cases even photographs of the articles you possess.
Should I value a ring I bought from overseas / jewellery shopping website / e-bay channel?
We can value and check the authenticity of jewellery and it is always advisable to get jewellery brought from shopping websites / e-bay channel checked and valued as only an expert in the field can determine the value and can issue a jewellery valuation report biased on the market scenarios.
Why does it cost to have an Jewellery Appraisal and Valuation carried out?
As jewellery valuation is performed by qualified personal and various scientific processes are involved in assessing the price of jewellery. The jewellery valuer charges for the professional service used to assess the value of any jewellery article.
Can you appraise and value my jewellery in my home?
Yes, we can carry out this Jewellery Valuation at your home, office, bank etc..
Why have I been asked for previous documentation?
We at Australian Gemological Laboratory to write detailed Jewellery Valuation report usually ask you to supply any previous appraisals, receipts, certificates, grading reports or other documentation, this is mealy because to note down as much detail as possible as your receipts and certificates contain the exact weights and details which are helpful to determine the value of your jewellery article and moreover some Lab Certificates may even add to the value of the you jewellery. In addition, we also scan all the previous documents and store it on our system.
What should I do if I am considering having my items valued by you?
Simply Contact Us and discuss your exact requirements or book an appointment by calling at 03 9669 9001 or emailing us at .
What is the difference "Appraisal" and "Valuation"?
The terms "Valuer" and "Valuation" cover the whole area covered by Appraisal and Valuation.

An appraisal is the practice of developing an opinion of the value the piece of jewellery and its component parts. This normally include complete description, weight , measurements, mettle content, the workmanship, the quality of the gemstones, their weight and dimensions etc.

Valuation is the calculating the financial value of the item for the required purpose.

To determine the value of any jewellery it is most important to have a correct appraisal i.e. without a correct appraisal correct valuation is not possible.
Are you open after hours or on week ends for Jewellery Valuations?
Our normal working hours are 9:30 to 5:00 Monday to Friday; however we can take up work on Saturdays and Sundays and even after or before office timings. All appointments other that Monday to Friday between 9:30 to 5:00 incurs Normal charges applies plus "charges of out of Office Hours service" Contact is for further details.
Can I check for authenticity of your certificate?
If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of any document supplied by us please Contact Us.
Should insurance valuations be used to sell jewellery?
Insurance Valuations should not be used as tools to sell jewellers as they don’t represent the amount similar items are actually selling for; instead, the values are specifically calculated to ensure that you the owner are adequately covered in the event of loss. As the values are usually for the use of Insurance and are generally biased on the higher side. Moreover Valuations are biased for the specific purpose only.