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Jewellery Care
Caring for your precious jewellery is vital if you want to keep it looking its best forever. You should make sure you have your jewellery pieces cleaned and checked for any necessary repair work at least once a year by a professional jeweller. If the settings are worn or the stones are loose a repair will be cheaper than replacing a lost stone!

There are several things to protect jewellery from wearing and tearing;
General Tips
   Hairspray, perfume and some powders may react on metals or pearls as they can discoloured.
   Avoid wearing your jewellery when doing housework or gardening – as it is very wisely said Jewelery is the last thing to worn and first thing to be taken out.
   If you wish to clean you jewellery always use quality jewellery cleaning products on your jewellery or ask for advice from your jeweller prior to cleaning items.
   Never use or store household chemicals near your jewellery articles.
   Soft lined box / pouch is best storing jewellery – avoid cotton or wool as they stick on the jewellery article and can also cause corrosion as they intend to catch moisture.
   Get your jewellery articles specially rings and ones you wear regularly for loose stones and best solution is take advice of your jeweller about any necessary repairs.
Gold Jewellery
   Pure gold is very soft metal than 9ct i.e. higher the gold content softer it is. Therefore it is advised to wear similar quality pieces together to avoid softer pieces becoming scratched.
Silver Jewellery
   Polishing Sterling silver articles with a soft cotton cloth most cased it will shine back but if silver articles tarnished it can only retains its shine with professional cleaning.
   Store silver articles in sealed plastic bags as it will be reduce to the tarnish as tarnishing is caused by over exposure to light, moister and air.
Gemset Pieces
   Diamond pieces stored together – are likely to scratch each other.
   Avoid immersing porous stones e.g. opal and turquoise in water for too long.
Pearls & Necklaces
   Restringing pearls can be done if the pearl/ bead necklace breaks.
   Silk pouches are the best to Store pearls or beaded necklaces (bead necklace should be stored flay to avoid scratches).
   Always prefer a knot between pearls as it does not it the pearls scratch and in a case if the string breaks you shall loose the lease number of pearls.