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Jewellery Insurance Advice
Jewellery articles are always cherished, as they carry memories of the life time, which makes it even more important to look after your collection and take utmost care to secure, documented and insure it in all aspects and enjoy it for the years to come.

If you wish to be adequately covered for insurance, jewellery articles must be described in detail, it is the insurers best interests to have the jewellery articles valued from independent jewellery Valuation and that it is better if your Jewellery Valuation Reports carry detailed digital photo, with a gemological analysis & current metal prices, description, and an opinion of the current Retail Replacement Value

Some Insurance companies have high unspecified item limits and some even have no limit policies. Most Insurance Companies allows us to insure our articles phone irrespective of whether we own it or not i.e. any proof. But is the responsibility of the customer to prove the ownership and value is in case you need to lodge a claim with the insurance company.

Don't forget to make sure your jewellery is adequately covered by having a valuation for insurance carried out! Insurance valuations are promptly performed. We recommend your jewellery should be regularly re-valued. Many insurance policies require an updated valuation to be done every 2 years in order to fully cover your precious item.