Jewellery Valuations Weekends


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In a fast-changing jewellery market, the global industry continues to seek-out service providers who can combine adaptability and openness to modern methods of doing business combined with high levels of service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

AGL - located in Melbourne CBD, in the Century Building at the corner of Swanston and Little Collins Street featuring the modern equipment in the industry with a state-of-the-art laboratory. The Lab is operated by highly experienced gemologist holding grading diplomas from the best-known internationally Gemological Institute – GIA. The Gemologists at AGL are Registered Jewellery Valuers and Members of National Council of Jewellery Valuers - NCJV, Gemmological Association of Australia - GAA, and Alumni - GIA.

As AGL is an independent gem lab and the grading, appraising and valuing services are undertaken in-house and hence retains complete control over the process. Customers are assured of the highest levels of accuracy and complete reliability in the entire process. In short, AGL is pledged to a strict and uncompromising operating code supported by some of the most sophisticated technology and highly qualified Valuers.

Australian Gemological Laboratory provides Independent appraisal and valuation reports for jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, ancestral jewellery, gold, silver, and other items like watches, pens, ring insurance valuations and gemstone valuations etc. As we are independent valuers we are not involved in buying and selling jewellery or accept remuneration from Insurance Companies, Brokers, Lawyers or any other associated industries. The confidence of the valuers, their knowledge and no affiliations makes our valuation reports unbiased, objective and impartial.

The valuers at Australian Gemological laboratory have access to hundreds of years of jewellery knowledge database, higher level of qualification, training, extensive experience, scientific procedures to provide analysis of precious, semi-precious gems and are well equipped state of the art Laboratory equipment. They are trained to identify the tiniest details that can affect a valuation and are familiar with the techniques used in the manufacture of imported and modern jewellery, and the creation of antique pieces.

The Gemologists keep themselves regularly updated through the market research undertaken by the NCJV, which is a vital source of information with the latest materials and trade subscriptions. We have access to a network of other experts for technical advice, resources and information on industry issues.

The Gemologists have undergone extensive training in the key areas of gemological study, gemstone grading and the detection of synthetic gemstones and are committed to ongoing education to keep up-to-date with industry changes for the professional development in the jewellery trade.

Combining speed, accuracy and reliability, the lab is able to provide completely trustworthy results and a rapid turnaround time without compromising result an Australian Gemological Laboratories certificate serves as a Jewellery Passport.